Caring for your latex

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Latex Care Information
To put on latex:
Use talcum powder or a water based silicone lubricant on the inside of your latex to put it on.
Work it on gently, avoiding pulling to hard or with finger nails. Allow the garment to warm up if it has been kept in a cool place.
When putting on items such as a catsuit start with the ankles and make sure its smoothed out all the way along legs before puling up the body and then working on the arms.

Things to avoid
Oil: Oils will degrade latex. Avoid any contact with oil-based lubricants or solvents, hand creams, grease, leather, etc. Always handle latex with clean hands, as body oils over time will also damage latex.
Metal: Latex will react with copper, brass and bronze resulting in unsightly brown stains. This includes contact with pennies. Handling of these metals before touching light colored latex may also result in discoloration. Make sure the skin is wiped after removing costume
jewelry or it will make pale colours.
Sunlight, heat and humidity: Exposure to Sunlight for long periods or other UV light sources will cause "blooming" white patches where the colour has been bleached, dark colour's are particularly prone to this.
Exposure to heat and humidity may result in discoloration or degradation. Do not dry on radiators, by heat sources, or tumble dry. Extreme cold will also effect rubber.
Sharp objects: Any sharp object can puncture or tear your latex. Use special caution if dressing with long fingernails. Body piercings should preferably be taken out. Fire, Latex can melt or be damaged by excessive heat/fire.

Pale, coloured and white latex
Metals even after removed from the skin will result in light colored latex becoming discoloured, once this has happened there is no reversal methods and
these are permanent stains.
Make sure to wipe/wash the skin after wearing costume jewellry or clothing with metal fastenings, especially on transparent and white latex.
Am Statik takes care and attention to make sure every pale/white or light coloured garment is made carefully and packaged in order to send it to you
unstained or marked.
Am Statik is not to be held responsible for the staining of pale garments once they have been received by the customer

Latex can be worn in matte or polished finish. To achieve a good shine, coat the garment in a silicone lubricant, vivishine or Pjur cult dressing aids. It can be sprayed or wiped onto the latex with bare hands or a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not rub too hard, or the latex may be damaged. For the best results dust any talc off the garment before applying shiner with a cloth.
you can also use a spray silicone onto the garment, shake the can well and make sure you don`t spray the shiner onto shoes or other surfaces as it could become slippery.
Blue Milk can also be used to make the item shiney after applying a few coats and allowing the latex to absorb it.

Cleaning Your Garment
Latex should be cleaned shortly after wearing. Rinse the garment well in warm water. Some manufacturers recommend using a mild soap, don't use degreasing soaps or washing detergents. Hang on a plastic or wooden hanger to dry, or lay flat. The garment can be wiped gently with a soft towel to decrease drying time if desired. When one side is dry, turn inside out and let the other side dry as well. When completely dry, separate any latex that has stuck together and lightly dust the garment with talc to prevent any further sticking. you can also use vivishine in water to rinse the latex and this helps prolong the life of your garments.Some latex colours appear milky or cloudy when washed, this will go back to normal once the garment is dry.

Storing Latex Garments
Prepare your latex garment for storage by washing, drying and lightly powdering as previously described. Keep the latex in a light proof plastic bag or wardrobe in a cool, dry place. It is not recommended to store light and dark pieces of latex in direct contact, as this can cause discoloration of the lighter latex.

Vivishine is available through the Am Statik store
Un Fragranced Talc from supermarkets in baby section
Recommended lube: ID Millenium Glide, Pjur, Wet silicone